Customer First

You have to be a pretty amazing brand to command a price premium of 100% over your closest competitor. ENVE's products had a technology advantage since being a first mover in 2007. However, in 2014 - the product lead was diminishing. We knew, like amazing brands such as Porsche and Tesla, that one day the product playing field would be equal and that the real differentiation would be how we treat our consumers. 

So we launched an effort to:

  • Fully understand our consumers and what they were looking for in an experience
  • Redesign our customer service to ensure "white glove" treatment
  • Launch a new site with a focus on education and enthusiasm - not necessarily product
  • Match the internal infrastructure to the promise to make it look "easy"

The first part was tackling customer experience. To us, CX is simple: You keep your promises. If you say a product will ship in 2 days, ship it in 2 days. If you say you will call someone back, do it. It seems childish, but in our experience, most of the customer experience problems we hear about are companies simply not keeping their promises. 

When you keep your promises, you never have to apologize. People don't want to spend their days apologizing, especially for things that are entirely out of their control. It's demoralizing. Yes, the opposite of morale.