We have had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands in fast-growing, passion industries


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Headquartered in Utah, it is hard to resist working in the outdoor industry. From cycling to retail to mountain sports - we love these brands.

K&N Viper


This is where we cut our teeth. Automotive and powersports industries are incredibly demanding, from both a customer experience and product perspective. 

Lucca M58 from Clive Coffee

food & beverage

We began in hot beverage 30 years ago and find ourselves back today. We have spent a lot of time in coffee, tea, chocolate and equipment. 



ENVE Composites is the leading aftermarket composite cycling wheel brand in the world. Establishing a strong presence in road, triathlon and mountain biking, ENVE brought carbon fiber and aero technology to the forefront of the enthusiast cycling market.

We had the opportunity to partner with Brett and Taylor Satterthwaite and Sarah Lehman to help professionalize ENVE to meet the demands of such a high-end clientele, both professional and recreational alike. In 2016, we sold ENVE to Amer Sports for $55 million. 

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Cobb is the worldwide leader in automotive tuning products for turbocharged Subaru, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Porsche and VW vehicles.

At Cobb, we got the opportunity to flex all of our muscles. We invested $4mm in 2012 for a majority interest in the business, in partnership with Trey Cobb. We doubled down on their customer experience strategy and invested a lot of money and time in new product development. We helped to expand the direct-to-consumer business 10 fold in 24 months. When Autometer came calling, we couldn't resist. 


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In 2014, Adam bought an espresso machine from Clive Coffee, one of the largest retailers of enthusiast home espresso equipment. In 2016, he called them back to see if they would be interested in a partner. 

Fast forward to today and Clive has reached a whole new level. A new site, a new focus on customer experience, new machines in the market and the capital to take advantage of a growing industry, Clive is aggressively taking market share and delighting customers along the way. 


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Since investing in Clive in 2016, New Value identified a gap in the commercial service market that wasn't currently being served. Thousands of cafe's were trusting their livelihood to unskilled, unprofessional technicians who either didn't care enough to get the job right, or overcharged when they could. 

Then we met Alex Lambert and Jason Johnson. They approached the market with a customer-first mentality and a vision honed by building Stumptown Coffee Roaster's service network. Now we are working together, as partners of the manufacturers, to ensure all espresso machines and cafes are treated with love.





Way back in the early 2000s, Adam and Paul met the K&N team and knew that there was something special in this gem of a monopoly that dated back to the 1960s. Providing an aftermarket filter for virtually every car ever made, K&N had an undeniable market position. Partnering with Gryphon Investors, New Value helped unlock all of that investment in quality, loyalty and experience. In 2016, K&N was sold to Goldman Sachs. 

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Dynojet has been the leader in motorcycle tuning since there we're motorcycles. With the market leading products for both carbureted and fuel injected motorcycles, ATV and UTVs, Dynojet is still pioneering what it means to have total control of these vehicles. Based in Las Vegas and Boseman, MT, Dynojet employs some of the most talented automotive engineers and tuners in the industry.