We are a small team of ex-private equity, CEOs, marketers, researchers, developers, enthusiasts and friends.


We are obsessed with consumer experiences. The demands and expectations of todays consumers have never been higher, but so are the rewards for exceeding them. We specialize in leveraging our experience to help entrepreneurs bring their businesses to the forefront of the direct-to-consumer landscape. We utilize Fortune 500 type tools to help these businesses quickly harness the consumer loyalty, passion and enthusiasm which started it all in the first place. 

We invest in, and consult for these enthusiast brands. Let's talk. 


We invest our time and our money alongside incredible entrepreneurs to help them build sustainable, market leading enterprises.

New Value is aggressively targeting the following categories on a proactive basis. These markets represent areas that we have done significant work and feel that we can add immediate value to most entrepreneurs and their businesses. 



Since investing in Clive Coffee in 2016, NVC has aggressively pursued specialty coffee. We are actively investing in specialty roasters, espresso service providers and espresso and drip coffee equipment. 


mission critical

New Value has a small investment in a sniper rifle company, Venom Tactical. Through this investment, we have spent countless hours with special operations and military personnel discussing what is and is not truly mission critical.



After we sold ENVE to Amer in 2016, we surveyed the bike landscape. We still believe there are pockets of opportunity, certainly as it relates to distribution and channel disruption. We would like to be back in the market again. 


Adam Raper

Adam has two great loves in his life: working and not working. From rolling up sleeves and doing massive web migrations, to multi-day strategy sessions and jedi-like consumer targeting, you can usually find Adam immersed in a months-long project of some sort. If you can't find him, he's probably outside on his bike, in the water or laughing uncontrollably with his 2 boys.

Specialties: Strategy, IT infrastructure, ecommerce, customer experience & loyalty

Email: adam (at) newvaluecapital.com


Paul Lehman

Paul has been investing for over 30 years, and his experience has spanned both very large businesses (Camelback, Vitamin Shoppe) and very small businesses, (Venom Tactical). On either side of the spectrum, Paul brings financial, strategic and product-oriented savvy that resonates with entrepreneurs. Paul's passions extend from the bike to the plane, to his family and new dog.

Specialties: Uncanny calm through virtually every situation. Finance, budgeting and tax strategy. Product development and unrelenting tchotchke ideas.

Email: paul (at) newvaluecapital.com



Jared joined New Value in 2014, first as the website developer for ENVE Composites and then as a full time partner. Is he a nerd? Sure. But he is also the best mix of developer and business-oriented thinker we have ever come across. He works harder than anyone and is a sneaky fast bike rider.

Specialties: Getting 3 days worth of work done in 2 hours, web development, design.

Email: jared (at) newvaluecapital.com