We feel like strategy has gotten a bad reputation over the last 5 years in the circles of entrepreneurs who are looking for financial and operational partners. It seems like one of those very soft skills whose value is hard to define. Let's define it. 

In these enthusiast businesses, we find that strategy is not understanding what you will do. It's more of a definition of what you will not do. These businesses are typically built by a team of ambitious, entrepreneurial folks who feel that every day is a chance to remake the business. They generally have more opportunity than manpower. As these companies professionalize, staying the course and obeying guardrails becomes far, far more important than thinking of the next big thing..

At Clive, our strategy has specifically been about what we will not do. Specifically, not discounting. That strategy of what we will not do has had a whole host of implications on what we now have to do. We have to prove every day that we are worth the premium when so many others are willing to deal. Great customer service, keeping our promises and a staff that is the most knowledgeable in the industry.